By Marinna Gonzalez-Lopez

AJspotlightMy name is AJ and I’m from Round Rock, Texas, and I transferred  from McNeil High school this year. I peel bananas from the stem to the bottom, and I like learning sign language, making crafts for people, knit, and learning SEE (Signing Exact English). I like making crafts for people because, It’s a more heartfelt form of giving someone a present for birthday’s, or something special rather than buying something.


I came to ECHS mostly because, my mom influenced me to come and give the school a try. I then realized that I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to prepare and make something out of myself. I also knew that not many people had the opportunity like I did so I made it my goal to be able to look back and feel like I achieved so much from making the decision to come here.

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